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April 12, 2020

Sorry for the bad news, but were we not all 1/2 suspecting this anyway?

CANCELLED: Zappa Band w/ King Crimson summer tour

Here's the official statement:
"The King Crimson / Zappa Band tour has been postponed until 2021.
The bands have taken the difficult, but inevitable decision to postpone this summer’s tour of North America for a year. Although it is possible that some venues in the US and Canada may open again in time for shows this June and July, there seems little possibility that the threat from Coronavirus will have completely faded – and we have no desire to risk the health of the band, the crew or the audience. No one should have to decide between a concert and a threat to their health."

Stay tuned and you'll get updates as we get them.

The Journey Is The Prize.


March 9, 2020

Dates for the King Crimson / Zappa Band summer tour
have been announced.
See the Tour Dates page for all the details and while I have your attention
BTW, if you can help Ray get required new equipment for this tour
visit his GoFundMe page
We're only a few bucks shy of securing a new amp, amp case and spare tubes.

~  Thanks, all ~
Richie G

February, 2020

A King Crimson / Zappa Band tour has been announced. 

Details to follow, but for now, know this:
King Crimson will be touring for six weeks this summer in June and early July together with the Zappa band in the USA and Canada. The full list of dates is yet to be confirmed, but today does see the announcement of a concert at The Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia on June 30th.  [from the KC website]


Ray White
Mike Keneally 
Scott Thunes 
Robert Martin 
Joe Travers 
Jamie Kime
More Shows added!
December 6, 2019

Zappa fans rejoice!
Seven shows over four nights of Zappa music coming soon.
If you live in southern California, or if you’re coming to the annual NAMM Show in Anaheim, check the attached graphics for details.
We’ll be playing Saturday night, January 18th for the X-JAMM event at the M3 Live Theater, 2232 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802.
Then, three nights at the iconic Baked Potato in Studio City on the 20th through the 22nd of January. Here are separate ticket links for each of the three nights:
January 20th, 2 shows: $40.00 9:30 / $35.00 11:30
January 21st, 2 shows: $40.00 9:30 / $35.00 11:30
January 22nd, 2 shows: $40.00 9:30 / $35.00 11:30
And for all you amazing European fans, watch for announcements coming soon for summer and fall Zappa madness.
For all you folks who love hearing this very special music as much as we love playing it, we look forward to seeing you soon!
X-JAMM poster        Baked Potato Poster
A Really Cool Day
Nov 18, 2019

Here in the midst of the Vegas sand dunes, I gathered my thoughts, sat down in front of the computer, and dove into the distant cool waters of FaceBook.
I realize there is supposed to be a theme to a blog, but being that i don't know the rules of the road ( i don't read music either ) i will stumble around until i find a groove.
I have connected to the world in a way that truly amazes me. The "New School " rules the day, and i am much the better for it.
Today is a celibration of love for my wife, and me...We celebrate forty nine years together today. At the close of this year i released the first twelve songs of my new album, and realized the impact that my wife's love has had on me.
She is my muse, my best friend, and a total human being.
These are beautiful times. I only hope that all of the dreamers awaken, and share the love that has driven them forward on their never-ending quest.

The Journey Is The Prize...
More Live Frank Zappa Music coming, in Anaheim, CA January 18, 2020
November 15, 2019

See "Zappa at X-JAMM" performed by:
  • Ray White
  • Mike Keneally
  • Scott Thunes
  • Robert Martin
  • Joe Travers
Details to follow!   [ Poster HERE ]
Today's Mission
Nov 14, 2019
A Better Addiction
I'm back..Today's musical mission, is to organize the next album.
Those of you that have dreams of any kind understand persistence, head down,
doing something every day toward that goal.
A word from the "old guy".. never listen to the people who might tell you
that your dream is only a daydream, and that it is out of your reach.
When a country boy dreams, grows into a man, and winds up playing with
Frank Zappa, it only proves that maybe they should have dreamed more themselves.
Stay focused, and maybe talk to Sam Ward...a young man i met in London.
He's been invited to play on my next album.. I saw myself in him, and that was enough for me. Let's see where all of this goes, giving back is the first layer of our foundations...Peace to you all, and remember...The Journey Is The Prize. Ray
Nov 14,2019
Richie Brings Me Into The Future
Well boys and girls, i have arrived into the cyberspace future.
When certain people come into your life, and bring nothing but light, life
takes on new meanings.
Richie Gregory is one of those people in my life.
Going above, and beyond the call of duty, he has given me a gift that i will never forget. I am now on the page, and i hope that we all can pass along good vibes
one to another. Welcome to my world, at least my small contribution to it.
October 6, 2019
Ray White interview with

I have long wanted to interview Ray White, but the opportunity never seemed to arise - even though I had chatted briefly with him when he played London (with ZPZ and Project Object) and at Zappanale.
It transpires that Sam Ward of Treacherous Cretins has been in regular touch with him of late, and he finally paved the way for me.
Ray was only too pleased to have a natter, initially replying "You know, I had no idea of who people saw on that stage, or heard on those name is daddy or poppa to my kids and grandchildren...but here I am, typing away. As Thing-Fish said, "I'se very verbose!""
Link to full interview, HERE

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